School clas­ses

Your class is loo­king for a gre­at place for a class trip? Per­fect! With us, you can go bey­ond yourself with your class­ma­tes. You’ll also have the chan­ce to streng­t­hen your class dyna­mic, all while riding high and having lots of adre­na­li­ne and fun!

Child­ren are allo­wed to climb with us from the age of 6 and a mini­mum body height of 1.30 m in the “yel­low” and “green” cour­ses, accom­pa­nied by an adult. From the age of 8 and a mini­mum body height of 1.30 m, they can climb high on the red cour­se and the big fox round. From the age of 11, clim­bing is allo­wed in the ent­i­re facility!

You can find more detail­ed infor­ma­ti­on, inclu­ding the necessa­ry decla­ra­ti­on of con­sent from a parent or guar­di­an for minors and the super­vi­si­on of child­ren during their stay in the high ropes park, in our user rules. Two super­vi­sors per group can climb at the children’s rate.

The clim­bing island can be reached by S‑Bahn. The­re are also nume­rous free par­king spaces avail­ab­le in the immedia­te vicinity.

School clas­ses

“Very cool expe­ri­ence for school classes.”


“Always a gre­at event! I as a super­vi­sor thought it was gre­at (as always 😉 ) and so did the 25 clim­bing kids!”

Andrea Ben­te­le-Naß

“Very nice staff, very easy and uncom­pli­ca­ted boo­king — fits!!!”

Ste­fa­nie Benker