User rules

Hoch­seil­gar­ten Fürs­ten­feld­bruck / Mon­kee Island, as at 1.2.2022

Yel­low cour­se, green cour­se, Fly­ing Fox below:
Mini­mum age 6 years, mini­mum body height 1.30m, an adult clim­bing com­pa­n­ion is required!

Red cour­se, Fly­ing Fox down/up:
Mini­mum age 8 years, mini­mum body height 1.30m

Blue cour­se:
Mini­mum age 11 years, mini­mum height 1.30m

Regu­la­ti­on for accom­pany­ing per­sons of minors:
6–7 years old: One adult accom­pany­ing per­son must climb with each child, who must be of assis­tance!
8–13 years old: 5 child­ren per adult accom­pany­ing per­son who does not have to climb with the child!
The accom­pany­ing per­sons must be within the children’s field of visi­on at all times.
From the age of 14, child­ren may climb alo­ne on the enti­re faci­li­ty wit­hout an accom­pany­ing per­son with a decla­ra­ti­on of consent.

The con­sent form (down­load here) must be signed by a parent or guardian.


Gene­ral rules:

1. every clim­bing island visi­tor must be in a healt­hy phy­si­cal and men­tal con­di­ti­on. Body weight must not exceed 120 kg. Pregnant women or per­sons under the influence of alco­hol or drugs are not per­mit­ted to use the high ropes course.

2. Befo­re the high ropes cour­se can be used, each par­ti­ci­pant must com­ple­te the safe­ty brie­fing. 3.

3. safe­ty is pro­vi­ded by harness, hel­met and self-belay­ing with 2 safe­ty cara­bi­ners. The ren­ted safe­ty equip­ment is not trans­fera­ble and may not be taken off during the stay. Should the equip­ment nevert­hel­ess be taken off (e.g. visit to the toi­let), it must be che­cked again by a safe­ty ins­truc­tor befo­re con­ti­nuing to climb. It is not allo­wed to lea­ve the area with the safe­ty equipment. 

4. smo­king in the harness is strict­ly forbidden.

5. after ins­truc­tion, par­ti­ci­pan­ts are respon­si­ble for cor­rect self-secu­ring. Access to the site is on your own respon­si­bi­li­ty. Obser­ve our signage and all safe­ty rules. Plea­se be extre­me­ly careful and con­cen­tra­ted with yours­elf and the belay sys­tem. Fail­ure to do so may result in serious inju­ry. 6.

When moving around the faci­li­ty, both cara­bi­ners are always hoo­ked into the steel safe­ty rope. If you come across a “trans­fer point”, one cara­bi­ner always remains atta­ched. Never unhook both cara­bi­ners at the same time! In case of doubt, a safe­ty ins­truc­tor must be cal­led. 7.

When wal­king in the high ropes cour­se, no objects may be car­ri­ed that pose a dan­ger to the par­ti­ci­pant or other per­sons (jewel­lery, came­ras, mobi­le pho­nes, etc.). Open­ly worn or hid­den pier­cings must be remo­ved. Scar­ves or necker­chiefs must be remo­ved and long hair must be tied up. 8.

8. each exer­cise may be per­for­med by a maxi­mum of one per­son at a time. A maxi­mum of 3 peo­p­le are allo­wed on the plat­forms at the same time. The rope des­cents may only be used after it has been ensu­red that the­re are no per­sons in the arri­val area. 9.

The access time inclu­ding safe­ty brie­fing is a maxi­mum of 2.5 hours. After this time, an addi­tio­nal char­ge of €10 will be made for each hour or part the­reof. If the 2.5 hours inspec­tion time can­not be used due to the ope­ning hours, the­re is no entit­le­ment to a refund or exten­si­on of the ope­ning hours. Like­wi­se, the­re is no entit­le­ment to a refund of the admis­si­on fee in the event of aban­don­ment at the visitor’s own request or due to pre­ma­tu­re clo­sure of the faci­li­ty due to wea­ther con­di­ti­ons (storm, thun­der­storm, hea­vy rain, hail, etc.).

10. can­cel­la­ti­on poli­cy:
Can­cel­la­ti­ons up to 10 days befo­re the boo­ked date are free of char­ge. In this case you will recei­ve a vou­ch­er for the amount of the ticket. Can­cel­la­ti­ons up to 24 hours befo­re the boo­ked date will be char­ged a 50% can­cel­la­ti­on fee and a vou­ch­er for the remai­ning amount will be issued. Can­cel­la­ti­ons after 24 hours befo­re the boo­ked appoint­ment are ful­ly chargeable.

11. the ins­truc­tions of the trai­ners in the high ropes cour­se must be fol­lo­wed uncon­di­tio­nal­ly and imme­dia­te­ly. The high ropes cour­se reser­ves the right to exclude per­sons in the event of non-com­pli­ance with safe­ty rules or the ins­truc­tions of the trainers.

By purcha­sing a ticket, you con­firm that you have careful­ly read and unders­tood the user rules and agree to our “Gene­ral Terms and Con­di­ti­ons”. You also con­firm that from a medi­cal point of view the­re are no objec­tions to a clim­bing visit. In the event of con­tra­ven­ti­ons or vio­la­ti­ons of ins­truc­tions or safe­ty requirements/rules of the organiser/trainer, the orga­nis­er accepts no lia­bi­li­ty for any asso­cia­ted dama­ge. We do not accept any lia­bi­li­ty for clot­hing or objects han­ded in. The orga­nis­er is only lia­ble for pro­per­ty dama­ge and finan­cial los­ses in the event of intent or gross negligence.