High-ropes cour­se

Expe­ri­ence your adven­ture in the high ropes cour­se on the clim­bing island.  Mas­ter dif­fe­rent cour­ses with vary­ing degrees of dif­fi­cul­ty at heights from 4 to 12 met­res. Here, a varie­ty of obs­ta­cles pose exci­ting chal­lenges for beg­in­ners and spor­ty clim­bers. In the Fly­ing Fox cour­se, you gli­de bet­ween tree­tops and across a tri­bu­t­a­ry of the Amper River around the clim­bing island.

Spec­ta­tors can relax in the beer gar­den by the Amper and indul­ge in savou­ry and sweet tre­ats from our Mon­kee Bar. For the litt­le adven­tu­r­ers, the­re is a clim­bing wall in the beer garden.

“My expe­ri­ence: 5 hours later I am still floo­ded with adre­na­line and endor­phins!!!! Cora and Levin took extra pati­ent and super caring time to explain ever­y­thing to me in detail. Even if you get stuck in the midd­le becau­se you don’t know how to get over the obs­ta­cle: they always help! Wit­hout you having to ask. Very atten­ti­ve! Boo­king easy, no dif­fi­cul­ties with any­thing. I recom­mend this clim­bing gar­den to ever­yo­ne bet­ween 3–103. For sun wor­ship­pers the­re are rou­tes in open sun are­as. For peo­p­le who need/want to avo­id the sun, the­re are rou­tes only in the forest and sha­de, over the Amper river or or. EVERYONE will be hap­py here. For beg­in­ners or pros and the fearless: 6 dif­fe­rent dif­fi­cul­ty levels. It does­n’t get any bet­ter than this. THANK YOU SO MUCH for this unfor­gettable day!”

Miri­am Veit

“Just gre­at sport with fun fac­tor, aspi­ra­ti­on, was all to mas­ter, pro­blem, strength was gone after 2.5 hrs. Recom­men­da­ti­on from 5–70 boo­king, fast and safe.”

Hans-Jür­gen Schiller

“Gre­at expe­ri­ence with high belay stan­dards. The­re is a nice litt­le forest cafe right under the logs with good cof­fee from whe­re you can watch the clim­bers. Real­ly enjoy­ed it, we will be back!”


“My child­ren love this high ropes cour­se and every visit here is a cau­se for joy for them. That’s say­ing something.”

Teodo­ra-Flo­ri­na Craciun

“Super time with the child. Very fri­end­ly team! Pure natu­re. Par­king around the cor­ner. Only to recommend.”

Vik­to­ria P.

“Super­plus! Gre­at Par­cours — nice Crew- very good Cappuccino.”

Jas­min Mor­lak Limbach